Dr. David Oppenheim, Certified Mohel


Aftercare Instructions

The newly circumcised penis generally heals within 1 week. But keep in mind that everyone heals differently.

The First Day

Dr. Oppenheim will cover the penis with vaseline filled gauze during the bris ceremony. This serves primarily to prevent the fresh wound from sticking to the diaper. The gauze and vaseline should be replaced with each diaper change. Although bleeding generally ceases within minutes after the circumcision, occasionally the bleeding will continue. If there is continued oozing of blood, apply firm direct pressure using a sterile gauze for a period of 10-15 minutes. Try to avoid checking the bleeding while applying the pressure. If the bleeding is persistent, or if one square gauze is completely soaked, or if the diaper begins filling with blood call Dr. Oppenheim. Soon after the circumcision or up to a day later, the area just below the head of the penis will become swollen. This swelling typically subsides within a week or two.

After the First Day

One to two days following the circumcision there may be an off white or yellowish, patchy appearance of the head of the penis (also called the glans) or just below it. These patches are a type of scab and are associated with normal healing. The glans may also appear to be deep red or purplish and have a shiny or glossy appearance. The rim of the head of the penis (also called the corona) will eventually have a deeper purplish or reddish color than the rest of the head.

After the First Week

The yellow crusting and glossiness typically resolve after a week or two. Until that time the vaseline and gauze should continue with diaper changes. Pediatricians typically recommend that babies be sponge bathed until the umbilical cord falls off. This typically occurs at about 2 weeks of age but may be after only one week or as late as one month. Once the cord is off and the penis doesn’t have the yellow crusting or the red glossy appearance you may immerse your baby to bathe him. Until that time, be sure to clean off any stool that may have deposited on the penis.

-- Feel free to call Dr. Oppenheim at ANY time with ANY concerns. --